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The McComb Railroad Museum's outside train display was vandalized on Saturday February 25. The 1883 Office Car and the 1914 Railway Post Office Car were damaged extensively and the caboose suffered lesser damage. The office car and the caboose had just been repainted by retired railroad men James Earl White and Delton Moak. Bobby Bellipanni, friend of the museum, had helped them. These men were almost ready to repaint the RPO, having sanded it and filled in holes.


Most of the windows in the cars were broken out on the track side. The inside glass including mirrors and doors in the office car were broken as well as light fixtures, furniture, and built in drawers.


Even though this incident is very disheartening to all of our volunteers, we will rebound. We pledge to make our historic train display even better!


Three days after the terrible incident, our "Unsung Heroes" were back on the job replacing windows to prevent more vandalism and to prevent moisture from getting into the cars which would cause more damage.


The response from the local community has been wonderful. For sometime we have wanted to put up a lighting and security system;  we had already collected $21,500 toward this project. Tuesday night the McComb City Board gave us the remainder of what we needed.


Now, we have to clean up the damage and restore the cars. You may help, first of all by praying for all those involved, and secondly, by contributing to the restoration by sending a check to:

McComb Railroad Museum

P.O. Box 7220

McComb, MS 39649


Thank you,

Winnie Len Howell,

Volunteer Director